How a lunch pod ruined my day….

So this isnt a recipe, but i wanted to share my recent experience with a product… So i was home visiting my parentals for the weekend and went shopping to Dunelm Mill, I saw this lunchboz style thing called a polar gear lunch pod…   Its basically a thermal lunch box, and for £5 i was […] Well free with a vegetarian magazine i recently bought I got this voucher for £25 off at Hello Fresh – basically a vegetable box delivery scheme, where starting at £36 per week for 3 meals for 2 people, you get a vegetable box delivered with already weighed out ingredients, and everything you need to […]

Its about Eating well, Its about Eating clean, Its about time,

So i’m eating… Not much but I’m eating at least something.  I have been reading up on eating clean, which basically involves eating foods which have not been processed and are so better for you, it includes cutting out alcohol too. So basically the rules are if you cant pronounce any of the ingredients, and […]

Shiratake Noodles – Who knew?

So I had read online about these “Miracle” Noodles, that taste like pasta and noodles and all things carby, but are only 2 calories per 100g, theyre made from water soluable starch from yams, or something like that. Obviously my abnormal (and messed up!) eating habits kinda prevent me from eating anything like pasta, which […]