How a lunch pod ruined my day….

So this isnt a recipe, but i wanted to share my recent experience with a product…

So i was home visiting my parentals for the weekend and went shopping to Dunelm Mill, I saw this lunchboz style thing called a polar gear lunch pod…


Its basically a thermal lunch box, and for £5 i was sold. So i bought it to take into uni every day. My issue with eating lunch on the go is im not a salad fan at all. Its just not satisfying, and other options can be so unhealthy, I love to cook hot, tasty meals, and with nowhere in uni to re-heat food (RIDICULOUS I KNOW) I struggle with what to eat. Cold leftovers are just dire! 

SO this promised to be the answer to all my problems, great I thought – I’ll just pop in my hot food and whack it out at lunch. 

Did the product work? on day 1 it kept my food semi-warm, not really hot after a few hours it was still warm enough not to complain. So day 2, I did exactly the same, 1pm comes and I’m in the library dragging my dissertation out, feeling hungry. So as part of my recovery programme, 1pm means lunch time. So I pull out my lunch pod, and the lid has only jammed!! After calling in help from various strong looking boys, no one could open it! Absolutley devestated! When something gets in the way of my food routines, I get upset and annoyed – its silly but i felt like crying, I was in a crisis! Luckily my boyfriend came to the rescue with a banana for my lunch instead – a safeish food I could eat. 

I’ve emailed Dunelm Mill to complain and we will see what happens. 

The verdict – thermal lunch boxes are a great idea, but I think i might need to invest more than a fiver in one to get the best quality. But its strange – how one mishap can ruin my day, the fact i couldnt eat what i had planned and wanted to eat really threw me off track!



10 thoughts on “How a lunch pod ruined my day….

  1. Curious to see what ends up working — I just invested in some reusable lunch bags and am thinking that a thermos for soup is going to be the next step.

  2. I’ve used lunch boxes (thermal ones-just like underwear??) before. They worked fine. Yep-semi warm it was after a few hours-but still far better than stone cold. I’m also not a huge fan of salads (unless I make it myself with fresh dressing)!
    Thank you very much for dropping by my blog! have a wonderful day!! 🙂

  3. Thanks for following my blog I have read most of yours and I have to say congrats for recognizing your ED and doing something about it. I have read from the beginning to now and you have improved it seems so I hope of being open with us readers will keep you on track. Thanks again and good luck!

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