Glutenous for Gluten

So for various health reasons I am cutting gluten out my diet for the forseeable future. I’m freaking nervous! as someone who love love loves carbs I don’t know what im going to do! That said, it’s not like my messed up eating lets me eat many carbs, but still. One can try!

I took a journey to waitrose to check out the gluten free range – so expensive! and the same even in asda. Does anyone have any tips on where to buy? I dont want to completley exclude all foods with gluten – instead find alternatives. Excluding foods from my safe list is not a good idea!


Let me know if you know any good, and cheap ways?!


3 thoughts on “Glutenous for Gluten

  1. Where are you located? Are there Trader Joes near you?

    Also, it depends on what you are looking to substitute with. For example, spaghetti squash makes a nice alternative to spaghetti. So does zuchinni. I slice zuchinni into long chunks, and then thin strands.

    Or for crackers… If you take chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pepitas, and sesame seeds, and mix them with a bit of water and some spices, and then put it on parchment paper and bake it, you’ve got crackers.

    Don’t buy into “gluten free” products, you can do it other ways.

    • Im based in the UK – where gluten free is reeeallllly expensive and not that common! I’ve tried vegetable spaghetti before, but im such a pasta addict its just not the same. Ill try and make the crackers they sound awesome! I think the thing is going to be to balance shop bought gluten free products, with things that are naturally gluten free until i get used to it all! x

  2. i gave into gluten free for alittle, til i realized its like the same thing.. there still as carby tasting as regular pasta and breads..i do like brown rice pasta though better but it still gives that spike that wants your wanting more n more after you no.. i avoided carbs for so long and i was a miserable psycho bc of it lol but once i gave into carbs like grains and saw how brown rice, barley, quinoa, etc doesnt make me go overboard and actually satisfies me when eating a normal amount i loved it.. if anything look online there gonna still be expensive but maybe alittle cheaper then most stores! goodluck

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