Shiratake Noodles – Who knew?

So I had read online about these “Miracle” Noodles, that taste like pasta and noodles and all things carby, but are only 2 calories per 100g, theyre made from water soluable starch from yams, or something like that. Obviously my abnormal (and messed up!) eating habits kinda prevent me from eating anything like pasta, which sucks because its my absolute favorite food! So when i read about these noodles I though YES why not try them.

Not many supermarkets stock them, but on my way into uni each day I noticed a little Japanese food shop, which I had been meaning to explore for sushi bits and bobs. So i popped in on my way home today and low and behold, the woman by the counter understood exactly what i meant and pointed me in the direction of some noodles in a fridge.

Obviously delighted, i paid the £1.29 for a pack and left happy. £1.29 i hear you cry. Yes, theyre expensive… that’s the draw back. But in the entire packet there are less than 3 calories, no fat, no carbs. And are gluten free.

So I rushed home and chopped up some mushrooms and cabbage – these are what i consider “Safe foods” in that I know what they contain calories wise and am ok to eat them. I fried them up with some soy sauce. I opened the noodles, which are packed in water, and gave them a good rinse (They smelt VILE at this point!). and mixed them into the stirfry like you would regular fresh noodles.

The result – well, i think theyre the best thing since sliced bread! They were quite chewy, kind of like slightly undercooked spaghetti. And alone they didn’t taste of much, but they absorbed all the flavors from the soy sauce and mushrooms and tasted absolutely fantastical! For people who are more confident (Normal) with their eating, a stir fry sauce and other things would make these fantastic. They are no different to regular noodles, but with so few calories! And they have filled me up for hours!

I’m so happy I have found somewhere i can buy these, I’m planning to get some more and make a pasta dish with them, to see how that tastes. They really are going to help me expand my list of “Safe foods” which is every day getting smaller!

The only major downside is the price, at £1.29 per serving, they’re not very student friendly. So if anyone knows anywhere I can buy them cheap I’d love you forever!

Ive uploaded a couple of pics, the food doesnt look that great as i only added mushrooms and cabbage with soy sauce. But for a dish totalling just over 50 calories, its a good shout – i guess the thing now is to try and total 500 for me per meal, plus snacks. But for now, these noodles are increasing my safe list and I like that!


2 thoughts on “Shiratake Noodles – Who knew?

  1. Nice find! There is a ramen shop in Seattle that I used to love, and they offered these instead of ramen noodles. Well, when I went to get ramen, I wanted RAMEN, but otherwise the Shirataki noodles aren’t bad! They never had quite the texture or as much flavor as the real thing, but if you need to eat low calorie, low carb, I agree, they’re pretty great :).

  2. I buy bean thread noodles and they are really cheap compared to other starch noodles. You can by up to 5 serves for $0.97cents. However I’m in Australia, I’m not sure which country you are in.

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