Its about Eating well, Its about Eating clean, Its about time,

So i’m eating… Not much but I’m eating at least something. 

I have been reading up on eating clean, which basically involves eating foods which have not been processed and are so better for you, it includes cutting out alcohol too. So basically the rules are if you cant pronounce any of the ingredients, and theyre not something you can buy or have at home, its not really a clean food. Thats the short version! It’s basically eating whole foods. The less processed the better, So for example, eating an apple, thats clean, apple juice cleanish, and apple squash – not clean… DIRTY! 

Home made soup – clean, tinned soup, not so much, cuppa soup DIRTY

You get the idea! for me the biggest struggle is going to be cutting sweetener out of my diet. Better get used to bitter coffee!! So i’m going to try and eat clean from now until Christmas, I’ve recently been craving fruit and nuts and potatos instead of sweets, so i guess my body is trying to tell me something at least!! 

Today I went to the store and spent my last food money on foods I consider to be healthy and most importantly clean… So things like vegetables, fruit etc etc. I bought some foods which are not on my safe list at the moment – like potatos, and swedes – mainly carby vegetables. And I hope to be able to eat some of these this week!! Especially with my recent discovery of Shirataki Noodles. hashtag BULK BUY THOSE! 

So thats this, I plan to eat clean till Christmas! Its not a diet, its a lifestyle choice I guess. although my issues with food are obviously going to impact on what clean foods I eat. 

Also – I managed to get all the below for under £15 – something I consider an absolute bargin, I got some bits at the greengrocer, but most of it came from Lidl! Proof that healthy eating doesnt always have to be expensive! I’ll be aiming to post 1 recipie a day now so I can show you ways I’m eating clean! 

And yes, we do have our Christmas tree up already!!!!!Image


9 thoughts on “Its about Eating well, Its about Eating clean, Its about time,

  1. I’m also trying clean eating as a means of helping with recovery – And similarly I am finding giving up sweetener the hardest thing. What is approved as ‘clean’ is Stevia which is a natural sweetener with almost 0 calories! I recommend it if you can find it…
    Also, thanks for following my blog 🙂

    • Its so good to find someone doing the same – i’ve got to follow a gluten free diet too so its insane at the moment, safe foods are getting smaller and smaller! I’ll have a look out for Stevia, what is it made of!

      What kind of foods have you been eating to help with recovery? I need more ideas! x

  2. I’ve been thinking about this topic too lately…maybe the holidays weigh on my mind more literally, I don’t know. Did you build your shopping list around recipes or just grab what you felt inspired by?

    • I went into the supermarket and just picked out things that inspired me to start with, and didnt buy anything. then i came home, did some research on recepies and then bought everything. Im working towards making everything in my cupboards a clean food though! Why dont you try from now until Christmas to eat clean? x

  3. You can do it! Eating clean means that you are eating real, whole food. Anything worth the effort is always going to be a challenge. I can’t say enough how eating clean, going with a whole foods diet (paleo) and standing against the Standard American Diet has absolutely changed my life both physically and mentally.

      • Overall, I feel great physically. I’ve noticed that a lot of the “little issue” that bothered my body (bloating, gas) went away, my body composition changed, skin texture and tone too. Emotionally, I can look back and say “wow, I was really operating in a fog and didn’t realize it”. My moods balanced, I don’t struggle with the emotional roller coaster of pms and I feel clear minded. I have more energy and pep. Now, when I eat something that isn’t considered whole food, I feel it. A couple of months ago, I ate a chicken strip and I felt it both physically and emotionally (I’m sensitive to gluten). A lot of people don’t realize that our emotions and our health all begin in our gut. Serotonin begins in the gut, our immunity begins in the gut. So a lot of depressed and sick people could possibly find some relief if they ate clean, anti-inflammatory foods. I know that if I’m eating clean and exercising properly then my body will thrive on it and I can feel good both physically and emotionally.

  4. i feel so much better when i eat clean foods.. i still splurge (more often then not) but besides the guilt i still struggle with sometimes, i feel like crap that i just see how much better i truly am with clean foods.. have you tried stevia? i never go for the calorie free chemical sugars so i didnt want anything to do with it until i actually saw a stevia plant and tried it and some days just a packet/drop in a coffee is all thats need its great!

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