Moving forward

So after a stressful week including my first session of counselling, letting my boyfriend into my secrets and allowing him to help me I’m moving on.

I’m putting together a recipe book with all the things I make. I’ll take photos of everything, and am writing down a list of things I want to make!

I’ve joined the local library and am gradually working my way through cookbooks there as well.

I managed to eat a chicken fajita yesterday evening. That was such a big step forward for me.

I’ve emailed some people about helping out at cookery classes and even taking some classes. And had a meeting about training to be a chef after I finish my degree. The problem is, those with a degree are deemed over qualified for a government funded apprenticeship in catering, meaning it will cost me about £4,000 to train. It’s a lot of money but I hope I can save up.

I’m concerntrating on canapés today. I’m going to be making canapés over Christmas for the family, so any good make ahead and freeze recipes anyone knows will be much appreciated!

I’m hoping to make is more about cooking and less about anorexia….

Lots of love xxx


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