Jazzing up a dire meal

So today my boyfriend was ill! classical man flu! 


And it was my task to make him some lunch to make him feel better! So chicken soup it was. But I had an interview in an hour and no time to make it! At the back of our cupboard are about 10 cans of this dire asda smart price soup just waiting to be thrown away or donated. So naturally I cooked one up for him in the rush I was in. But I jazzed it up a bit with some home made Croutons. 


I chopped a dried out bread roll into cubes and fried in lots of olive oil, with some garlic, salt, pepper, garlic and oregano. Then whacked the Croutons in he soup. 


He said it was delicious. Not sure how much he could taste! But the Croutons were delish! 




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