The finishing touch





Here are the photos of my finished birthday cake for my mums birthday this weekend. Taking this home on a coach should be interesting.

I used the iced fruit cake, and then made a Madeira cake (forgot to take photos), cut it smaller and filled with butter cream and jam then iced it. I used 3 cake layers to separate the cream and jam, then covered the cake in buttercream and then iced. Stacked them using a broken chopstick.

I then used melted chocolate to stick on my fondant roses, and used a mould to make some out of melted white chocolate.

The feeling of pride I got when I finished is was overwhelming. I was so proud of myself.

But now that feeling has gone and I feel like a fat failure for eating a tiny bit of chocolate

This eating disorder sucks the life out of me. Last night I got really down and fired off an email to a local ED charity. They asked me to come in for an initial assessment. Not sure how I feel about this yet as it means recovery. And recovery at the moment means gaining weight.

lots of Love xxx


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