Today was step1 – admitting. Then baking!


I had a stressful day of university. I admitted last night that something has to change. I hate my course and the direction it is taking in this final year. So I took steps….

I emailed my tutor explaining the situation. I know that it’s too late to change my course. But at less I can make it more focused on my interests.

But the biggest step was joining my University Baking Society. I know I know. Not exactly a cool thing. Which is why I didn’t tell any of my friends. But I went along to the meeting after a gym session.

I met two lovely girls, who I sat with and talked to for an hour or so. It was good to meet new people. The task was to decorate a plain cupcake in the best way you could, with simple ingredients. I designed this simple to do rose design cupcake.

A the end of the session, all the cup cakes were judged. Out of 85 cupcakes mine was picked as the winner! I was so happy. Happier than loosing 5lbs in a week. And I’d had fun doing it as well. I was awarded a years free membership to the society as a prize.

It’s a real step in the right direction. I havn’t eaten the cupcake I made, I’ve given it to my boyfriend. But I did eat a bit of icing. That’s more than I ate yesterday. And I’m so proud of my creation. Next week we will be in the kitchens making a cheese cake I think. I’m looking forward to it like you wouldn’t believe!!!

So, one small rose shaped cupcake decoration may not have changed my life, but it’s a step in the right direction. And I’m proud of it!


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