Its a bad day, but everyone has them


Impulse buy

So this morning, I saw a habitat fondue set in the window of a charity shop for a tenner. 

1 – it was a tenner

2 – The charity shop is in aid of mental health charities, including an eating disorder charity which is close to my heart

and 3 – I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE cheese, and chocolate fondue! (Not together! – although thats an interesting idea!)

So without the need for a fourth reason I scurried in and bought it! 


Now i’m faced with the dilemma that at the moment, cheese and chocolate are both miles from being on my safe list of foods…. So, dear followers, I am searching for recipes for fondue that are healthy and are not cheese or chocolate! 

Hit me with your ideas and I’ll try them out! 

Glutenous for Gluten

So for various health reasons I am cutting gluten out my diet for the forseeable future. I’m freaking nervous! as someone who love love loves carbs I don’t know what im going to do! That said, it’s not like my messed up eating lets me eat many carbs, but still. One can try!

I took a journey to waitrose to check out the gluten free range – so expensive! and the same even in asda. Does anyone have any tips on where to buy? I dont want to completley exclude all foods with gluten – instead find alternatives. Excluding foods from my safe list is not a good idea!


Let me know if you know any good, and cheap ways?!

How a lunch pod ruined my day….

So this isnt a recipe, but i wanted to share my recent experience with a product…

So i was home visiting my parentals for the weekend and went shopping to Dunelm Mill, I saw this lunchboz style thing called a polar gear lunch pod…


Its basically a thermal lunch box, and for £5 i was sold. So i bought it to take into uni every day. My issue with eating lunch on the go is im not a salad fan at all. Its just not satisfying, and other options can be so unhealthy, I love to cook hot, tasty meals, and with nowhere in uni to re-heat food (RIDICULOUS I KNOW) I struggle with what to eat. Cold leftovers are just dire! 

SO this promised to be the answer to all my problems, great I thought – I’ll just pop in my hot food and whack it out at lunch. 

Did the product work? on day 1 it kept my food semi-warm, not really hot after a few hours it was still warm enough not to complain. So day 2, I did exactly the same, 1pm comes and I’m in the library dragging my dissertation out, feeling hungry. So as part of my recovery programme, 1pm means lunch time. So I pull out my lunch pod, and the lid has only jammed!! After calling in help from various strong looking boys, no one could open it! Absolutley devestated! When something gets in the way of my food routines, I get upset and annoyed – its silly but i felt like crying, I was in a crisis! Luckily my boyfriend came to the rescue with a banana for my lunch instead – a safeish food I could eat. 

I’ve emailed Dunelm Mill to complain and we will see what happens. 

The verdict – thermal lunch boxes are a great idea, but I think i might need to invest more than a fiver in one to get the best quality. But its strange – how one mishap can ruin my day, the fact i couldnt eat what i had planned and wanted to eat really threw me off track!


The Cycle

This explains things so well for me! I’m finally breaking the cycle! x

Kicking It Eating Disorder Style, Thirties and Beyond Edition

I am getting caught up in the cycle again. It’s nothing like before, but here I go.

The problem is, I’ve never NOT had the cycle. For as long as I can remember, I gained a ton of weight, then I lost it in dubious ways. I don’t understand moderation. I don’t GET having one. I don’t understand hunger and fullness, or letting my body tell me things. I seriously just don’t understand.

My boyfriend has no issues with food. The other day I made a chocolate cake and he had one piece. He had one. That thing haunted me all night. It’s all I could think about–when could I finish that when he wasn’t looking? When I am in this mode, it affects everything. I haven’t slept in our bed in three days because I can’t stand the thought of him having to touch, what I consider to be…

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Well free with a vegetarian magazine i recently bought I got this voucher for £25 off at Hello Fresh – basically a vegetable box delivery scheme, where starting at £36 per week for 3 meals for 2 people, you get a vegetable box delivered with already weighed out ingredients, and everything you need to make the 3 recipies. As a student Holy Christ £36 for 3 meals I cried. 

But with £25 off, thats £11 delivered, and I’m sure I can make it stretch, £36 is the vegetarian option – for just £3 more you can upgrade to meat and fish too! For me, having someone else tell me what I can and cant eat, by giving me a set recipe, might just help things along! 

So I’m placing my order tonight – and will let you know how it is! 

Its about Eating well, Its about Eating clean, Its about time,

So i’m eating… Not much but I’m eating at least something. 

I have been reading up on eating clean, which basically involves eating foods which have not been processed and are so better for you, it includes cutting out alcohol too. So basically the rules are if you cant pronounce any of the ingredients, and theyre not something you can buy or have at home, its not really a clean food. Thats the short version! It’s basically eating whole foods. The less processed the better, So for example, eating an apple, thats clean, apple juice cleanish, and apple squash – not clean… DIRTY! 

Home made soup – clean, tinned soup, not so much, cuppa soup DIRTY

You get the idea! for me the biggest struggle is going to be cutting sweetener out of my diet. Better get used to bitter coffee!! So i’m going to try and eat clean from now until Christmas, I’ve recently been craving fruit and nuts and potatos instead of sweets, so i guess my body is trying to tell me something at least!! 

Today I went to the store and spent my last food money on foods I consider to be healthy and most importantly clean… So things like vegetables, fruit etc etc. I bought some foods which are not on my safe list at the moment – like potatos, and swedes – mainly carby vegetables. And I hope to be able to eat some of these this week!! Especially with my recent discovery of Shirataki Noodles. hashtag BULK BUY THOSE! 

So thats this, I plan to eat clean till Christmas! Its not a diet, its a lifestyle choice I guess. although my issues with food are obviously going to impact on what clean foods I eat. 

Also – I managed to get all the below for under £15 – something I consider an absolute bargin, I got some bits at the greengrocer, but most of it came from Lidl! Proof that healthy eating doesnt always have to be expensive! I’ll be aiming to post 1 recipie a day now so I can show you ways I’m eating clean! 

And yes, we do have our Christmas tree up already!!!!!Image

Shiratake Noodles – Who knew?

So I had read online about these “Miracle” Noodles, that taste like pasta and noodles and all things carby, but are only 2 calories per 100g, theyre made from water soluable starch from yams, or something like that. Obviously my abnormal (and messed up!) eating habits kinda prevent me from eating anything like pasta, which sucks because its my absolute favorite food! So when i read about these noodles I though YES why not try them.

Not many supermarkets stock them, but on my way into uni each day I noticed a little Japanese food shop, which I had been meaning to explore for sushi bits and bobs. So i popped in on my way home today and low and behold, the woman by the counter understood exactly what i meant and pointed me in the direction of some noodles in a fridge.

Obviously delighted, i paid the £1.29 for a pack and left happy. £1.29 i hear you cry. Yes, theyre expensive… that’s the draw back. But in the entire packet there are less than 3 calories, no fat, no carbs. And are gluten free.

So I rushed home and chopped up some mushrooms and cabbage – these are what i consider “Safe foods” in that I know what they contain calories wise and am ok to eat them. I fried them up with some soy sauce. I opened the noodles, which are packed in water, and gave them a good rinse (They smelt VILE at this point!). and mixed them into the stirfry like you would regular fresh noodles.

The result – well, i think theyre the best thing since sliced bread! They were quite chewy, kind of like slightly undercooked spaghetti. And alone they didn’t taste of much, but they absorbed all the flavors from the soy sauce and mushrooms and tasted absolutely fantastical! For people who are more confident (Normal) with their eating, a stir fry sauce and other things would make these fantastic. They are no different to regular noodles, but with so few calories! And they have filled me up for hours!

I’m so happy I have found somewhere i can buy these, I’m planning to get some more and make a pasta dish with them, to see how that tastes. They really are going to help me expand my list of “Safe foods” which is every day getting smaller!

The only major downside is the price, at £1.29 per serving, they’re not very student friendly. So if anyone knows anywhere I can buy them cheap I’d love you forever!

Ive uploaded a couple of pics, the food doesnt look that great as i only added mushrooms and cabbage with soy sauce. But for a dish totalling just over 50 calories, its a good shout – i guess the thing now is to try and total 500 for me per meal, plus snacks. But for now, these noodles are increasing my safe list and I like that!

Lets get cooking again!

So I have taken the decision that my ED is not going to hold me back. I’m feeling all Christmassy and want to get back in the Kitchen.


Last weekend I took a trip home to visit my parents and tied it in with some work experience at a cookery school local to my parents. I helped out teaching people how to make various things, such as canapes, gravy, stews and biscuits and had such a good time!


Its really inspired me to make more steps towards getting to where I want to be in the future. I’ve been looking at apprenticeships and scholarships in cooking and am going to start to apply (Once I have got my dissertation stuff done today!). 


Steps in the right direction! Will post some more recipe based things soon. 

Ive been eating a lot of sprouts recently so excited to male this!!

in pursuit of more

Brussels Sprouts that are far from boring.

Unless of course you like them that way (I do, but that is another story).

I recall a recent convo I had with a girlfriend who was looking forward to making this raw Brussels sprout salad I posted a while back after our Canadian Thanksgiving last month.  The salad was to be enjoyed by the whole family, just not her dad, who prefers his sprouts on the ‘plain’ side. Read: just steamed or boiled, as is, & with no flavoring at all. And while I love these little beauties all ways (steamed they are delicious), I think the best part about them is how well they go with so many other foods.

So if you aren’t my girlfriend’s dad (who also happens to be my boss), you might just like love this take on sprouts. Here, they are roasted to sweetness and tossed…

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